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RGB Blaster

RGB Blaster

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Plug and Play RGB+Audio output for yours famicom
Zero lag output. Pixels stream flows synchronously with internal PPU
Compatible with Genesis Mini DIN 9 cables*
Palette modifications support**

*Cable is not included
**Use blastcfg too for palette update

RGB Blaster is not fully compatible with all Famicoms and this problem may stay unresolved.
So far we know that device doesn't work well with consoles based on PPU RP2C02B and RP2C02D-0, supposedly the same situation with all older PPU revisions prior RP2C02D.
So might be good to check yours console before ordering.
Various PPU revisions listed here:

RGB Blaster works only in pair with original NTSC PPU, any clones or modded systems will not work, unless it has very accurate PPU, clocked at stock NTSC frequency.

There is no composite video output, only RGB. Make sure your TV supports RGB via SCART input.

With regular carts sometimes you have to press reset after power on. Flashcarts using eliminate this problem.
It happens because some games begins writes to PPU instantly after power on, while RGB Blaster hardware need few more ms to wake up and be ready to work.

Firmware update

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