Trade in your official products towards anything else on our website. We offer trade-ins for official Krikzz, EON, Insurrection Industries products which have been purchased from an official reseller or direct from the manufacturer. EverDrive’s must be official Krikzz versions and not clones.

Below is a trade-in pricing chart which you can use towards anything else on our website. If your item value is lower than the product you are buying then you can pay the difference but if your item is higher in value than the product you are buying then the remaining value will go into your account to spend in the future.

How Does The Trade-In work?

You open a free account on our website

Email & request a Trade-In form

Send your product to us - best to use a tracked service

Once received and verfified we will put the credit into your account


Items we do not trade-in

Clone versions of Krikzz EverDrive flash carts

Damaged products

Faulty products

Modded products


Current Trade-In Prices

EON Tech

Super64 NTSC $100

Super64 PAL $100

GCHD MK-II Black $100

GCHD MK-II Indigo $100

GCHD MK-II Spice $120


Insurrection Industries

Carby V2 Black $50

Carby V2 Clear $50

Carby Component Cable $80


Master System

Master EverDrive X7 $60


Genesis / MegaDrive

MegaSD (Terraonion) $120

Mega EverDrive Pro $110

Mega EverDrive X7 $60

Mega EverDrive X5 $38

Mega EverDrive X3 $20


SNES / Super Famicom

FXPak Pro $135

SD2SNES Pro $130

Super EverDrive X5 $30

Super EverDrive X6 $50


Game Gear

EverDrive GG X7 $55

EverDrive GG V1 $40


Nintendo 64

EverDrive 64 X7 $125

EverDrive 64 X5 $55


Game Boy / GBA

EverDrive GB X7 $55

EverDrive GB X5 $40

EverDrive GB X3 $20

EverDrive GBA X5 Mini $50

EverDrive GBA X5 Original $45


NES / Famicom

EverDrive N8 Pro $90

EverDrive N8 $55

EverDrive N8 Pro Famicom $80


TurboGrafx 16 / PC Engine

Super HD System 3 Pro $240

Super SD System 3 $100

Turbo EverDrive V2 $35


Neo Geo

NeoSD Pro AES $400

NeoSD Pro MVS $400

NeoSD MVS Original $240

NeoSD AES Original $240


Dreamcast / Saturn

MODE $135



Lynx GameDrive $55

Jaguar GameDrive $130