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Retro Saga is totally against piracy and does not support it. Our EverDrive range is intended to be used for the following reasons

[1] Development

[2] Playing freeware games

[3] Playing back-up games of games you personally (physically) own and this does not include back-ups you obtained by other methods including downloading. You need to check if playing back-up games is legal in your territory as laws are different in each territory.


In 2020, retro gaming is still a fairly popular genre. We even have different equipments for retro gaming for gamers who likes to experience nostalgia. Retro gaming is basically playing well known games from past but with proper equipments. Speaking of retro gaming equipments, you are going to need a device that can save all of your data, so you can save your progress. Which is the product that exists for this exact reason today ? EverDrive products.

What is EverDrive ?

EverDrive products are basically a saving device to save your progress while you are playing your freeware retro video game.  These devices are too useful for developers & retro gamers, since you don’t want to lose all your progress you worked hard on a video game. Now let’s talk about what else you need to know when you are buying this device.

Buying An EverDrive

EverDrive devices has a long price range. Which means you can buy a cheap but weak one, or you can expand your budget and buy a normal priced one which should meet much of  your expectations, or you can buy an expansive one for long-term gameplays if you are a hardcore retro gamer. You can see all of these prices in our website Also you will have a warranty in case of devices that got damaged out of your control. Warranty of our products are 12 months. If the product you ordered didn’t meet your expectations, you should notify us about it within the first 14 working days of receiving the delivery. All items inside the cargo should return to us in its original box with all of it’s items. When you are returning the said product, all of it’s items inside must be undamaged.


Everdrive devices shipments price and shipment date can change depending on where you are ordering this product from. It’s usually one week at most. The shipment starts within the first 24 hours after you order the product.

Also if you order it from our website the device you ordered should arrive to you with no damages, since we are shipping them to you in our well protected cargo boxes. If it does get damaged or gets lost, you can always send an e-mail about it to  For the damaged products, you should inform us about the said products within the first 48 hours after receiving the delivery.

So we can contact with the courier and hopefully solve your problem. If in the rare instance you get the wrong product, then we will either replace the item or if we are out of stock of the item then a refund will be provided. You must inform us within 28 days of delivery.

Which Products You Will Find In Our EverDrive Category ?

Our EverDrive product range is a very expanded one. You will find information about a few of them in this article.

Mega EverDrive X7

Mega EverDrive X5

Mega EverDrive X3

EverDrive N8 NES

Why Use RetroSaga When Buying Your EverDrive Products ?

As RetroSaga, we believe nothing matters as much as customers satisfaction. We try as much as we can to satisfy our customers and see them happy before and after selling. As RetroSaga, we started our company life with great amount of customer satisfaction and our intention is to hopefully keeping it that way.

Retro Gaming is our passion and we want to help retro gamers get what they need at the most proper prices for our devices. We are proud of ourselves today as we could help so many people in such a small timespan with our services and our products.

RetroSaga’s expanded service network should help with all of your issues before and after the buying a product.

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