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Remute - Technoptimistic [Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Cartridge]

Remute - Technoptimistic [Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Cartridge]

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The first plug and play techno cartridge album for Sega's classic 16bit console.

Music by Remute, Code by Kabuto, GFX by Exocet

Listening on a Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Model 1 is highly recommended, but Model 2 also works - Model 3 and Sega Nomad too. Will also work very well on FPGA-based solutions like Analogue's Mega Sg (a very good option for the audiophile!).
It will not work properly on the majority of clone consoles based on emulation.
Cartridge is region-free and will work well and with correct speed on...

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