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EverDrive-GB X7

EverDrive-GB X7

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Great product for developers and playing freeware games. Please read our disclaimer.




  • Max ROM size: 8MByte
  • Max SAVE RAM size: 128KByte
  • Save States function and In-Game menu function
  • Isolated RTC function. "Isolated" means that multiple games can use RTC without interference. Each game will have own copy of time
  • Instant loading
  • Low power consumption
  • High quality 4-layers PCB
  • GameGenie cheat codes
  • Soft reset to menu
  • Supported mappers: MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC5
  • Micro SD cards are supported
  • Compatible with all systems which supports GB and GBC cartridges (including Super Game Boy)
  • OS supports up to 1000 files per folder
  • PCB Rev.B (Fixed compatibility problems with Game Boy pocket)


EverDrive-GB X series comparison:

  • [EverDrive-GB X5]
  • Same as X7 minus save states, in-game menu and RTC


  • [EverDrive-GB X3]
  • Same as X5 but required reboot in menu to save game progress stored in SRAM (Like Mega-X3 or ED64-V2.5)



Everdrive-GB X7 (Rev B) Edition Comparison

Standard Edition

  • GB EverDrive Cartidge
  • EverDrive shell
  • 1 Year Warranty
Special Edition
  • GB EverDrive Cartidge
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 16GB SD card with OS (No games)

What Are The Differences Between Everdrive - GB X7 ( Rev B) And The Other Models ?

With the EverDrive - GB X7 you can play GB and GBC games on any system that supports it. In addition to the handhelds also at the SGB. It is ideal for homebrew games and legal backups of your old modules.

The highlights include maximum ROM size: 8MByte, maximum SAVE RAM size: 128Kbyte, low power consumption, soft reset back to the menu, compatible with all systems that play GB and GBC modules, including the Super Game Boy. OS supports up to 1000 files per folder

Differences to other versions: The X7 also offers save state feature (save anytime), in-game menu and RTC. At X3, you have to go back to the menu to save your saved games. The Everdrive GB comes complete with a new housing and fits into all GBs without modification. The EverDrive - GB X7 supports 99% games for Game Boy. It saves states function and in-game menu function.

What Are The User Comments About Everdrive - GB X7 (Revb)?

The customer comments of the EverDrive - GB X7 are generally satisfying. Features with save-load are very useful. All the games and cartridge works without any problem, according to the users. The highlights and options get perfect comments so it is ideal for all compatible systems.

Why Should I Buy Everdrive Gb X7 (Rev B) From Retrosaga?

The reason you should buy the EverDrive - GB X7 from Retro Saga is that its sets up the product for your use easily. You can use it at any time for this purpose. At least not before you contact Retro Saga to solve your doubts or problems. We will solve the problem and in the worst case scenario. Good commentaries, a good price with the best warranties and after-sales service. Easy buyers guide creates the opportunity to assist you the right product information, conditions and safe delivery services.


EverDrive-GB X series comparison

Feature X3 X5 X7
Instant Loading 

Game Genie Support

Return to menu w/o rebooting

Game saves to SD card without reboot

Save State

Real Time Clock




OS Software

Simply, download the file above and put it into the root of your SD card.



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