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CARBY for GameCube

CARBY for GameCube

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Carby is out of stock and new stock is due in late April.

Updated model with latest firmware.
Please note you will need a CR2032 battery for the remote as they are removed before being shipped to us due to custom import laws.

The GameCube had an amazing library of games such as Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion & Smash Bros Melee. These games deserve to be played lag-free & in stunning clarity on a modern television. Let us introduce the CARBY V3! This little device allows you to play your games in 480p on any HD television.

CARBY is a digital audio/video adapter for your Nintendo GameCube. It will take the digital signal from your GameCube digital port and convert it to a pure digital and audio stream compatible with most modern HD televisions.
  • CARBY is only compatible with the model DOL-001 GC which has the digital port seen here, please confirm your version prior to purchase
  • HDMI cable is sold separately
  • We provide a limited warranty for a duration of one year from the date of purchase




      Carby Quick-Start-Guide

      Carby Firmware Update


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        *There will be a limited warranty protecting your purchase against manufacturing defects for one year; however damage caused by user modification of the device including reprogramming the firm ware will void the warranty

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