Retro Fighters

Retrofighters was born in 2015 to create next generation controllers for retro lovers. Their controller is designed to be for the Nintendo console, PC and Mac. Their first Kickstarter attempt was unsuccessful but as soon as they found the fund Retro Fighter company was formed. In 2018, they launched their Brawler64 product for their retro gaming community.

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What is the Brawler64 ?

A new take on N64 controller, Brawler64 gives game players a modernized new controller. The Brawler64original color is grey but it also comes in green, blue, purple, red, smoke grey and orange color options. The Brawler64 controllers ergonomic design makes easier to grip comfortably and you can access all of the buttons easily, thanks to its shape.

You can use this controller only with the original N64 controller. Also RetroFightersnew coming Brawl64 controller keeps up with the technology by using the USB-C cable and this version is compatible with PC and Mac. Also the controller uses 2.4Ghz technology. Brawler64 controller reminds old games and it is waiting for its retro lover players.

Retro Fighters Brawler64 Features

Brawler64 is loved by nostalgic lovers mostly. Brawler64 has the same features as N64 controller has. The Brawler64 mostly preferred by N64 lovers. You can play your favorite N64 games with Brawler64. Brawler64 is especially preferred for competitive games lovers such as Smash64 and Mario Kart games.

The competitive scene on the Super Smash Bros 64 is still very much alive. The old and outdated controller of the Nintendo 64 console is not suitable for competitive play. Therefore, this controller is chosen by many great veterans of the Smash64. You can play with your family and friends for to win competitive games easily.

Its D-pad, trigger buttons and analog stick provide you comfortable play experience. Its ultra fast turbo functionality, you can turn on when you need and turn off when you do not need. Memory cards and rumble paks are also compatible with this Brawl64 controller. With its extra long cord, you can play your favorite games from 10 feet distance.  Its high-quality clear plastic matching with the plugs looks stylish.

Why should you buy RetroFightersunique products from RetroSaga ?

Our company RetroSaga has Brawler64s color edition controllers. Green, blue, purple, red, smoke grey and orange colors are available. RetroSaga has a passion for retro gaming tools and we are very happy to have a network that can deliver this passion to the gamers.

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