HDMI solution for Megadrive now available

HDMI solution for Megadrive now available

Introducing an HDMI Cable for the Sega Genesis
Pound Technology expands their line of HDMI cables to include the Sega Genesis
Irvine, California – June, 2019

Pound Technology, the leading manufacturer of integrated circuit HDMI cables for
classic video game systems announced today the expansion of their HD-LINK*TM to include the Sega Genesis system. The company, which prides itself on bringing high definition low-cost cables to the market has already released original Xbox and Dreamcast cables to great fanfare.

 Works all Genesis Models (1,2,3)
 Excellent RGB video quality
 6.6 feet cable length
 Breakaway design
 Region Free (PAL/NTSC)

“The SEGA Genesis is something everyone should experience in RGB”, says owner and CEO of Pound Technology, Denny Tsai.
The development of this cable took more than six months as Pound tuned the colors.
“The RGB color palette does differ from composite”, says owner and CEO of Pound Technology, Denny Tsai. “Some gamers will be surprised at the crispness of the image and color vibrancy.”

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