Intec GameBoy Advance GBA Consolizer - GameBoy Advance w/ HDMI Output

  • $ 89.00 CAD
  • Save $ 20.00 CAD

GBA HD DIY KIT enhanced gaming experience immediately without troublesome soldering by providing an easy plug-and-play platform that meets three elements below.

  • People appreciate "Environmental Protection"
  • "Nostalgic" game cassette that can travel through time and space
  • Convenient plug-in HDMI and Bluetooth Game pads are “Prevalent” 

Assembly steps (Mother Board):

STEP 1 : Get your old GBA PCB ready

STEP 2 : Connect the modified HDMI PCB board to the old GBA PCB on hand using FPC cables

STEP 3 : Put the connected modified HDMI PCB board and the old GBA PCB into the console case and use the included screw driver and screws to assemble

Assembly steps (GBA Game Pad):

STEP 1 : Start assembling the GBA Game Pad

STEP 2 : Put on a new conductive glue

STEP 3 : Mount the handle Cable Mount the PCB

STEP 4 : Lock the back cover screw and the installation is complete

STEP 5 : Plug in the existing GB GBC GBA game cassette at home, connect with TV HDMI cable, and connect the assembled GBA controller to start playing

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