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EverDrive GG X7

  • $ 197.00 CAD


Great product for developers and playing freeware games. Please read our disclaimer.

EverDrive GG X7 Features

  • Max ROM size: 4MByte
  • Max SAVE RAM size: 32KByte
  • Save States function and In-Game menu function
  • Instant loading
  • GG and SMS games are supported
  • Low power consumption
  • High quality 4-layers PCB
  • Soft reset to menu
  • Micro SD cards are supported
  • OS supports up to 1000 files per folder




    Flash cartridge comes with the PCB only. You will need to supply an empty case, as well as the SD card you wish to use. 



    OS Software

    Simply download the OS above and, place it into the root of your SD card


    Promo materials

    KRIKzz YouTube demo

    Omonim2007 (Russian)




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